suicoke technology

Working across slides, sandals, shoes and boots, we value our creative development and forward-thinking above all else. Here, we would like to share some of the technological elements implemented across our footwear, and the functionality they provide.

antibacterial footbed

The SUICOKE Original EVA Antibacterial Footbed is a base construct applied to the outsoles of a wide range of our primary product.

The antibacterial technology is processed into the footbed during the manufacturing process, to fight the growth of bacteria & mould that can cause stains, odours and the deterioration of your footwear.

Through this process, our footwear retains a clean and fresh appearance for an extended period of time. The technology implented into the EVA footbed will not wash off, nor wear away over time - and the antibacterial protection is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the shoes.

In addition, our EVA footbeds feature pads strategically placed on the heel, arc of the foot and toes, designed to help reduce discomfort to the feet during wear.

When shopping our products, look for the 'ab' code in the product name - for instance, MOTO-Cab!

beat the elements

sherpa waterproof

Our original SUICOKE SHERPA material has been produced with a special, waterproof membrane lining - providing excellent waterproof and windproof capabilities.

Applied to our heavier-weight models, such as the KENN, our SHERPA fabric was developed to heighten the functionality of our suede footwear output, and provide our customers with the peace of mind that their shoes will retain the quality and comfort they provided during their first wear.

Even in severe rain and snow, the sherpa system is paired with a lightweight rubber sole to allow you to walk worry-free; a pairing that has also been developed through our continued use of the Vibram Arctic Grip outsole.




suicoke eco line

The SUICOKE ECO Line is a culmination of various re-used fabrics and materials. Whether it’s leftover fabric during manufacturing or recycled nylon, there are a number of different sources that make up this environmentally-friendly product range.

Continuing our ongoing partnership with Vibram, we utilise their innovative ECOSTEP EVO technology. Generated by eco-compounds compiled from materials not used during other production processes, the ECOSTEP EVO sole consists of a minimum of 30% recycled Vibram rubber.
Invented in 1994, it is the first globally pioneering eco-compound that maximizes recycled rubber materials for sole application.

The bulk of the upper is produced via waste materials discarded during manufacturing processes. For example, the unused lint and fabric during thread-and-weave processing is a major source of waste materials in footwear production. The nylon tapes, stitching and brand label on our sandals are also made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The sugarcane used to make footbed is sourced from Brazil. It’s a fully renewable resource that grows quickly, removing carbon from the atmosphere as a byproduct.

Eventually, our aim is to provide a sandal that can be made through completely recycled or biodegradable components. At this moment, the majority of our sandals - down to the woven label - are made from recycled goods. We will strive to bring down our carbon footprint whilst continuing to maintain the quality that SUICOKE is known for.


italian injection sandals

Made in Italy, our MOK and WAKE injection sandals are a pair of lightweight, eco-friendly footwear styles - developed with comfort, ease of wear, and sustainability in mind.

Further expanding on familiar concepts, these sandals have the incredible ability to mould to one’s foot and adapt to various environments. This line features more unique and innovative shapes, pushing the visual identity of the SUICOKE brand even further.

Utilising recycled waste materials, this experimental project reflects our attitude towards premium quality design, and environmentally-friendly production techniques.