Forward-Thinking Footwear

Vibram x SUICOKE

Since 2013, Suicoke and Vibram have worked together to revolutionise the footwear industry, and change the perceptions of what sandals, slides - and footwear in general - can be. Here we summarise and highlight key areas and technology developed through our ongoing partnership...
an industry-first

vibram x suicoke original footbed

Launched in 2014, the Vibram x SUICOKE original footbed was an industry-first exclusive between Vibram and a partner brand.

The footbed continues to be a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that both brands strive for. The unique footbed construction combines long-term resilience with a flexible tread, resulting in a footbed that moulds to your foot over time. Minimal degradation and its firm production process allows you to feel the comfort and support of a trainer, paired with the weightlessness and breathability of a sandal.

A tried-and-tested element of the SUICOKE product, our exclusive Vibram footbed is a reliable feature across our range, and continues to represent the pinnacle of functional design; often imitated, but never improved upon.

High-Function Fabrication

Vibram Footbed & Outsoles

Across our product is the presence of several special Vibram-produced outsoles & technology.

These range from carefully crafted slip-resistant designs, to sustainably produced, recycled rubber constructions.

Explore this slideshow to learn more about the functional elements applied to the SUICOKE product range.


Vibram MegaGrip

Vibram MegaGrip is a high performance rubber compound designed for unparalleled grip and traction on both dry and wet terrains.

Applied to the FiveFingers model due to its durability and shock-absorbing properties, it is the perfect accompaniment for long distance and outdoor activities.

From trekking to hiking; trail running to mountain biking – the Vibram MegaGrip compound is a reliable, functional outsole - and versatile too. Specially developed in this case for the split-toe FiveFinger silhouette, all VFF by SUICOKE shoes offer a considered balance between comfort, stability and flexibility.


Vibram arctic grip

Developed by Vibram with the goal to provide unmatched traction and slip-resistance on even the most unstable surfaces, such as wet ice.
A unique polymer blend paired with new processing techniques and the Vibram-developed ICETREK, results in an industry-leading outsole in both functionality and design aesthetics.

The SUICOKE iteration of this high-function outsole takes the blue speckled lugs and extends them, covering a higher surface ratio and resulting in a greater level of traction that caters to the everyday use of our footwear and prevents breakdown of the components.

Redesigned for SUICOKE

Vibram All Terrain

A continuation of the Vibram Arctic Grip outsole, the A.T. (ALL TERRAIN) outsole is designed to provide the same reliable anti-slip functionality, across a broader range of surfaces - stretching beyond the wet and cold-weather focused ICETREK technology signified by the blue fleck traction lugs.

This iteration of the Vibram technology is showcased via orange flecks (Arctic Grip) on key parts of the sole, and broader ground contact lugs (XS Trek Evo) that are designed specifically to provide premium traction mixed surfaces.

sustainably sourced

Vibram ecostep

Produced using a minimum of 30% recycled Vibram rubber, the ECOSTEP outsole is an environmentally-conscious design.

Alongside the sustainability focus, the construction is also finished with extreme durability and grip, to provide wearability across even the most rugged of terrains.

Find this and more sustainably-focused products in our SUICOKE ECO range.


Morflex HEA

Extremely lightweight and designed to provide a greater cushioning than other rubberised counterparts, the Morflex HEA sole found on the SUICOKE VON style is constructed specially for this style.

Additional key elements include a non-slip finish, greater heat resistance and Vibram x SUICOKE exclusivity.

five-toed technology

vibram fivefingers by suicoke

One of the most experimental footwear designs to be developed by Vibram - the SUICOKE iteration features a series of tweaks and adjustments that takes the trail running-designed shoe and makes it a truly timeless piece of functional, design-focused footwear.

Due to the already-finished nature of the FiveFinger silhouette, our approach to the style was to ask what could be done to this highly functional model to give it an alternative, fashion-focused direction. To do this, we changed the materials to the upper, applied a new, tabi-inspired fastening to the heel, and produced three original shapes: a hightop boot, a chukka-inspired mid, and a Summer-focused mule.

The Vibram x SUICOKE FiveFingers shoes are constructed with a breathable hemp and mesh upper, which is then heat-bonded for a hard-wearing finish.

The outsole - Vibram MegaGrip - is developed to provide the wearer with unmatched traction on any surface, whilst fitting as snug to the foot as possible. The deep ridging and triangle & diamond-shaped grooves provide a dense rubber layer, to ensure that even the roughest of surfaces incur minimal discomfort to the wearer.

vibram x suicoke


1. nin-hi

2. nin-lo

3. nin-sabo


key materials:

hemp, mesh & nylon


all in the details

Traditional, tabi-inspired fastening: a construction known as Kohaze

the wrapping sole

vibram furoshiki by suicoke

Introduced to the SUICOKE roster in the FW21 collection, the Vibram Furoshiki by SUICOKE merges traditional design concepts with contemporary, forward-thinking materials and processing.

The original Vibram Furoshiki is named after the traditional Japanese wrapping process, and utilises a purposely paper-thin upper. In providing our own unique perspective on the shoe, we have adjusted these upper materials to be reminiscent of a futon; lightweight, yet padded and warm. Cozy; but easily moved around.

Constructed using lightly-padded nylon uppers, the footwear takes on a lightweight yet warm and reliable form. The FUTON-HI features the Vibram Arctic Grip outsole, whilst the FUTON-LO features a thin, wrapped outsole that provides grip and cushioning across the base and heel of the foot.

vibram x suicoke


1. futon-hi

2. futon-lo


the wrapping sole

Velcro-fastened, folded uppers - the word furoshiki means "traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, typically used for wrapping and/or for transporting goods."

vibram x suicoke: faq

Why should I choose SUCOKE x Vibram styles?

Because of the technology that we implement in all of our footwear produced with them. Styles that use the ArcticGrip, for example, provide unparalleled traction on essentially any surface, and provide an inimitable level of resistance to wear and tear.

All our styles with Vibram carry a slightly higher price point, but the functionality and quality of materials provided make it well worth the investment.

Why are SUICOKE items with Vibram technology more expensive?

In short, because of the premium quality materials and functionality used across the shoe - from the premium leathers to the hi-tech outsoles.
Our Vibram outsole combines their focus on long-lasting craftsmanship with the lightweight finish of our regular EVA outsole. This results in a shoe that will stand the test of time and reduce the risk of natural wear and tear for years to come.

How should my FiveFingers fit?

You want them to be snug, with a small amount of space between your toes and the ends of the shoes' fingers. If you can fit one finger down the back of the shoe, they should provide an ideal level of comfort whilst also being fitted to your feet. We consider the Vibram x SUICOKE FiveFingers to fit TTS.

Are the Furoshiki warm?

Having been designed with a lightly padded upper, our Furoshiki styles are designed for the Fall/Winter seasons - meaning that they provide a suitable insulation during these colder months. Additionally, the FUTON-HI utilises the Vibram ArcticGrip outsole, so as to provide a reliable traction should the cold cause unstable surfaces.