SUICOKE is renowned for its unique approach to design, consistently challenging creative development and utilizing only the highest quality materials. Having added Vibram® to the equation in spring 2014, it is no coincidence that SUICOKE is quickly becoming a household name.

It was SUICOKE’s bold and active approach that helped the brand cement its place in the market, and with a desire to push boundaries even further, we found great unification with the likeminded Vibram®. In 2014, SUICOKE produced a sandal equipped with an original Vibram® sole – an industry first. What followed was a partnership built upon the pursuit of excellence, and after extensive research and development and much trial and error, the two brands went on to create one of the greatest products on the market.

Its function and high quality of design gain global recognition. We create our sandal as not only outdoor brand but also fashion or stylish forward. There was no shoes marker having both these aspects in the market before. Aside from that, our products are well considered and designed with regards to fitting and function and so on.

Having all of aspects mentioned above with our product, sandal are our strongest points which other brands don’t have.