a brief history:

vibram fivefingers

First developed in 2002, the Vibram FiveFingers style has seen various iterations in the two-decades since its first outing.

First conceived by Robert Fliri in 199 - who was still a design student at that time - it wasn't until 2004 that the first, fully wearable designs were released in small numbers to the public.

Since that time, the dynamic 'glove' style has continued to be built upon, experimented with, and loved by many.

five (functional) fingers

A shoe that fits like a glove.

Designed to provide an unmatched freedom of movement and connection to the ground being walked on, the Vibram style is constructed with an outsole that wraps across the 'toes' found at the front of the shoes.

A freedom of movement impossible to achieve in regular footwear, the FiveFingers achieve a level of mobility and grounding that separates it from the rest of the industry.

traction control

Stay grounded with nature.

The outsole features extensive grooves throughout, to enhance traction and grip.

The carefully shaped outsole is constructed to match the shape of a foot as closely as possible - retaining the arches, curves and focal points of the human sole.

As the shoe has developed and grown, so too has the outsole. In its inception, the FiveFingers featured a smooth, more rounded finish to the base. As time as gone on, this has been improved and built upon to ensure that the functionality of the shoe remains a key element, and the driving force behind the project from Vibram.