Introducing our first foray into a more sustainable sandal. The Eco line is a culmination of various re-used fabrics and materials. Whether it’s leftover fabric during manufacturing or recycled nylon, there are a number of different sources that make up our Eco line. 

The sugarcane used to make footbed is sourced from Brazil. It’s a fully renewable resource that grows quickly, removing carbon from the atmosphere in succession. 

Due to our strong partnership with Vibram, they have allowed us to push our design capabilities. Over the years, Vibram has searched for new innovations that also keep the environment in the mind. In our case, we utilize their ECOSTEP EVO technology which is generated by eco-compounds compiled from materials not used during other production processes. The ECOSTEP EVO sole consists of a minimum of 30% recycled Vibram rubber. Invented in 1994, it is the first globally pioneering eco-compound that maximizes recycled rubber materials for sole application. The ECOSTEP EVO is an innovative combination of sustainability and performance which provides added durability and improved grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

The bulk of our upper is made from waste materials during manufacturing. For example, the unused lint and fabric during thread and weave processing is a major waste material for production. The nylon tapes, stitching and brand label on our sandals are also made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The footwear industry often overlooks Mother Nature’s importance to our everyday production and livelihood. Over the last few years, the global environmental & business model crises have forced us to wake up and build our own means of a sustainability program. The journey to making better products with more environmentally conscious materials is a long and arduous one. However, it is one that must be considered if we aim to do our part in this industry. With our first step into this world of sustainable products, we want our initial footprint to come by way of two of our longest-running models, the DEPA and MOTO. 

There is no short cut to making things right. An inviting [better] atmosphere for the world is our key mission.

 Eventually, our aim is to bring forward a sandal that can be made fully from recycled or biodegradable components. At this moment, the majority of our sandals, down to the woven label, are made from recycled goods. We will strive to bring down our carbon footprint and still maintain the quality that Suicoke is known for.