Dear Valued Customer

On behalf of our team, we would like to thank you for your continued support of Suicoke. Recently we have been notified of counterfeit products illegally being sold under our brand’s name through select online retailers and websites.

To ensure your safety from such counterfeit products, we recommend you purchase Suicoke products through our authorized list of stockists and official web stores. For our list of stockists, please click here. For our official Suicoke webstore (Japan), please use this link. For our official Suicoke webstore (North America), please use this link. For our official Suicoke webstore (Asia), please use this link.

If you have any additional questions or inquiries regarding counterfeit products or our webstores/stockists, please contact us here.



Suicokeのブランド名や偽造品が、オンラインストアやオークションサイトを通じて取引されているという事例が多数報告されています。トラブルに巻き込まれない為にもStockiestに掲載されている正規取扱店舗、またはOfficial Webstoreのご利用をお願い致します。


Suicoke Fitting Guide

Measuring Your Foot

  • Place your heel on the triangle and align it with the line.
  • Find where your big toe lands on the respective lines.
  • If you land between two line markers, we recommend going up to the larger size.
  • If necessary, feel free to trace an outline of your foot with a pencil.This will help distinguish where your foot fits on the scaling system.

You can download our sizing chart down below:

Directions for Using our Sizing Chart

  • First and foremost, make sure your print scaling is set to 100% scaling.
  • This will ensure that the chart prints to the paper’s proper dimensions.
  • Once printed, cut the right page at the designated cut markers.
  • Connect both the left and right page using the “V” markers.
  • Make sure all lines are in alignment then tape both pages together.
  • Place foot on chart and find your measurement.

Please Note

  • The chart is to be used as reference. The scaling is based on US & UK sizing.
  • For other sizing, please refer to the chart on the bottom of the right page.
  • Suicoke does not offer half sizes. If you find yourself between two sizes, please size up.
  • Our footbed is measured in millimeter (mm) units which is why the top row of our sizing chart is listed in MM. Please find your desired sizing scale in the rows below.



  • 踵をシート上の”◀︎”に合わせ、足型上の数値をもとに足のサイズを計測します。必要に応じて、ペンや鉛筆で足の周囲に線を引いてください。



  • 印刷設定が原寸大(100%)・拡大縮小されていない状態であることを確認し、A4サイズ(2枚)に印刷してください。
  • Cut the edge of sheet 1 along the cutting line, and tape it so that the “V” mark of sheet 1 and the “V” mark of sheet 2 overlap. Please be careful not to shift the foot line.
  • Align the heel with “◀︎” on the seat and measure the size of the foot based on the number (US/UK) on the foot. If necessary, draw a line around your feet with a pen or pencil.


  • Please refer to the measured foot size and the size conversion table below to refer to the selection of product size. The size chart is based on US Men’s size. Please select the product size according to the size notation of your country.
  • Suicoke does not produce half size products. If the tip of the toe is in the middle of a different size notation line when measuring, we recommend selecting the product size that matches the larger number.
  • All sizes shown in Suicoke are the size (cm) of the Japanese standard size. Please convert the unit “mm” at the time of measurement to “cm”. Also, because Suicoke’s footbed is designed to allow space before and after the foot, there will be an error in the measured foot length and the product length.