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On behalf of our team, we would like to thank you for your continued support of Suicoke. Recently we have been notified of counterfeit products illegally being sold under our brand’s name through select online retailers and websites.

To ensure your safety from such counterfeit products, we recommend you purchase Suicoke products through our authorized list of stockists and official web stores. For our list of stockists, please click here. For our official Suicoke webstore (Japan), please use this link. For our official Suicoke webstore (North America), please use this link. For our official Suicoke webstore (Asia), please use this link.

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Suicoke Antibacterial Footbed

The SUICOKE EVA footbed. It retains a clean and fresh appearance for a longer duration of time.

The technology implemented into the EVA footbed will not wash off or wear away over time and the antibacterial protection is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the shoes.

The SUICOKE Original EVA Vibram Footbed have EVA pads placed on the heel, arc of the foot and toes to help reduce discomfort to the foot when walking.

Additionally, the SUICOKE Original Ripple Outsole brings excellent comfort and delivers excellent grip for lifestyle use. It also has reduced amount for enhanced mobility, high shock absorption & extreme lightness for energy conservation.

Antibacterial series with antibacterial function. Based on the conventional comfortable comfort footbed, it prevents the growth of germs as the source of the smell, and prevents the occurrence of smells due to sweat and dirt. Because it is kneading a special antibacterial material in rubber, the effect lasts semi-permanently.